Dressing nicely makes it seem as you put thought into your outfit and makes an excellent first impression! But why is it so important? Dressing to impress gives you that competitive edge we are all looking for. Want to get hired for that job? Dress better! You’re more likely to be chosen things depending on how you maintain yourself, looks included! 

Seems shallow? Well, it isn’t. Actually, it makes more sense. When we look at people, we go more towards confident, well-spoken, kind people. All can be attained through dressing appropriately for occasions. Our brain registers these traits with people who took time and gave thought to look like they wanted to be there, so wouldn’t we want to associate ourselves with them? 

Why dressing up makes you feel Good.

It is always good to find a personal style and feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. When you wear your favorite items, there is no doubt you will feel good about yourself. Your confidence will shine through. Dressing up is a form of self-care. You are taking time out and communicating with yourself about how certain clothing pieces make you feel and can feel very therapeutic, along with a healthy mindset. 

Dressing nicely not only makes an excellent first impression but also helps promote your self-respect. It’s just like saying, dress how you want to be addressed! This is very true as it enables you to give yourself credit for providing the time and putting in that effort yourself. This then helps you become aware and realize you’re worth more, as being nicely dressed up radiates positivity and a sense of self-respect. 

Promotes self-improvement

When you start to give time to small things like dressing up, doing your makeup, or changing your hairstyle, you’re directly impacting yourself to do better at many things. You’re feeling more open to the idea of improvement as your confidence levels are boosted high!